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Re: Time Zones  [About Windguru.cz website in general, ideas, etc...]lang
Hi, the times in forecasts are in local time of course, only time which is UTC is the model initialization time (= the date you see in top left corner of forecast)
windguru[Rispondi >>]
Time Zones  [About Windguru.cz website in general, ideas, etc...]lang
Is there any way to change the times shown for spots to be local times? It doesn't make any sense to have UTC because you already know the location and the time zone so why not show the forecast for local times? SailWX, for example, recently changed their model times to local times. It was a huge improvement for the site users. As it stands now, I have to mentally deduct 5 hours for every hour shown. Why not get the computer to do this - it's what they were made for! UTC makes even less sense when using the graph option. Of course, I would change my opinion if someone could possibly show me why I would want UTC time for local forecasts. At the moment, I can't think of a single good reason.
johncaron.ca[Rispondi >>]

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