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Re: wrf 9 km and wrf 27 km  [other / no category ...]lang
Hi, the differences are possible because they are different models. The number in the model name is resolution of the model in kilometers => WRF 9 km works with more detail so in general it should make better forecasts than WRF 27 km. But... it's not that simple, many places experience local conditions that are so local that they can't be visible even to the 9 km resolution model, local terrain can influence the wind a lot - your spot can be in a wind shadow with no wind, or it can be in a perfect narrow strait which will strenghten the wind a lot if it comes from the right direction... So, the WRF 9 km will probably make better forecasts for the area around your spot as a whole (consider the resolution), but the conditions exactly on your specific spot can still be much different and it's even possible that WRF 27 km will be closer in some case... The model forecast will always be a simplification of reality so it's a good idea to not take the forecast literally but think about it a little :), over some time and with more experience you will be able to better estimate reliability of different forecasts for your spot.
windguru[Réponse >>]
wrf 9 km and wrf 27 km  [other / no category ...]lang
hi windguru,
i'm beginner but I'd like to know because from wrf 9 km and wrf 27 km
there are big difference in the wind forecast-
I explain,
today I saw forecast for Piombino channel (my spot) for Sunday 1 April, in wrf 9km prediction the wind is about 9 knots and in wrf 27km prediction the wind is 27 knots, how this is possible?
thank you
marimba[Réponse >>]

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