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Windguru survey

Dear visitors, windguru tries to provide you with the best specialized weather service available, if you have a minute please fill in this form. It would certainly help to make your favourite website better and better! Thanks a lot in advance!

1. For what do you use windguru forecasts? (multiple selections possible)
paragliding / hanggliding / other flying
stunt kites
baloon flights
skiing / snowboarding
general weather forecast
other, please specify:
2. How did you discover windguru?
internet search engine / portal
link from other website
friend told me
magazine (paper)
I don't remember
other, please specify:
3. How frequently do you use windguru?
every day or more
almost every day
at least once a week
only sometimes
4. How reliable are the forecasts for you?
just perfect
it's mostly OK, but can fail sometimes
sometimes OK, but fail very often
they are useless
5. Windguru can offer better forecasts based on a higher resolution weather model but it would cost some money, what would be an acceptable price per 1 year subscription for you? (current GFS forecasts would stay free)
/ per 1 year
6. Do you use WAP forecasts?
yes very often
7. Would you use windguru forecasts made for Pocket PC / PDA ... ?
yes it would be great
maybe, but I don't need it so much
8. Would you use SMS forecasts if they were available?
yes it would be great
maybe, but I don't need it so much
  ... if you do, what would be an acceptable price per 1 SMS for you?
/ per 1 SMS
9. What is windguru website download speed compared to other websites
I don't see any difference
a little slower
much slower
10. What is your general opinion about this website?
I can't live without it!
One of my favourite sites
It is quite good but could be better
I don't like it very much, there are better weather sites
It is terrible
11. Where are you from?
12. Enter any other comment here:
Thank you very much for filling this survey!!!
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